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Frequently Asked Questions What is a faux or decorative finish? A faux finish is a process by which you create a “false” sense of depth or illusion by utilizing a series of colors or textures. It can involve a simple layering of one color over another in a glazing or be a complex as a classical venetian plaster with a dozen layers of contrasting plaster tones overlaid and burnished by hand. ' What kind of walls are ideal for a decorative finish? The truth is all walls. From ancient lathe plaster to modern smooth drywall, there is a finish designed for every type of wall condition. Even walls with stubborn wallpaper have options that allow artists to work over the existing paper. The options are only limited by your imagination. What type of finishes are offered specifically by Sundance Interiors? We are constantly updating our portfolio with the latest products and techniques. They range from simple, classical looks like striping, marbling, color washing, ragging, antiquing, stippling, dragging, lime wash, and antiquing to more complex looks such as wood graining, linen weaving, tompe I’oeil murals, and three-dimensional plasters. Metallic finishes with actual patina as well as plaster stenciling are available to give your space that perfect touch. How cost-effective is a custom faux finishing? Actually the cost of most of our finishes is comparable to that of premium wallpaper. The finishes range from anywhere between two dollars and five dollars a square foot (wall space, not floor space). When this is compared to a paper, which is seamed and only offered in a few color and pattern options, a faux finish becomes very attractive. It can be painted over in the future, over-glazed to shift the color for a new design scheme, or complimented with additional layers to accommodate changing styles of the era. Either way, there is no debating the value it adds to any home.
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