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There is no doubt we are living in a visual age. It is in our very nature. From our earliest beginnings, man has fashioned walls for protection and warmth, later turning to them as an area of expression and visual enrichment. The drive to embellish these environments has endured all things since.


Once our basic needs for shelter have been met, the evolution of these environments is as inevitable as that of its occupants. Although man himself has evolved somewhat, the challenge has changed very little: to take the beauty of all things past and present, near and far, and bring them indoors to serve as the backdrop for your life.


At Sundance Interiors we specialize in the extraordinary. Quietly turning out world-class wall and furniture finishes for over a decade, we’ve developed and enduring love of the decorative surface. Whether your look is for a rustic mountain chalet or sleek metropolitan flat, let us show you just how good things can get.


Christopher D. Barron



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